Our Administrative Team


Our Administrative Team

this little piggy stayed home…

Jan Balster O’Hara Construction Manager
If you were a food, what would you be and why?

An onion. The more layers you peel, the harder you’ll cry.

What are some of the things you do for Jeffrey A. Miller?

I act as the company butcher (see his video on how to break down a pig!), resident truck driver, head of construction, company manager, and as a party head chef (Jan makes a mean summer salad).

Who cooks for you and what do you like best?

I cook for myself, but I like it when my mother cooks for me. My favorite dish is rind roulade. It translates to German beef roll.

Jennifer Beebe Associate Director of Planning, Sales Operations Manager & Event Designer

Jenn joined the JAM team in 2017, although she has been in the event planning world for well over a decade. Married with two children and one dog, she loves staying active and keeping busy in the community. Her expertise is in the details. As a graphic designer, specializing in social invitations, this is no surprise that she ended up as one of our event designers! Jenn’s passion is to help create a unique and memorable event for each one of her clients. She quotes: “My favorite moment at a wedding is right before the Bride walks down the aisle. There is so much excitement felt by all; it’s the kick off of a really wonderful night for the happy couple!”

Stefan de Wet Controller

I am originally from South Africa; I played rugby and chess.  My favorite cake at Jeffrey Miller catering is carrot cake, by far.  My favorite saying when someone asks “How is it going today?” is—”Peachy.”  I also help out as a bartender at several events a year. 

If I have a rough day I always do the following: I look in the mirror, close one eye and smile – always does the trick. 

Most important of all – I hate Paper.

Amer Hussein Equipment Manager

Amer has previously worked as a security manager, an interpreter, a translator, a liaison officer with the U.S Army, and a translators department manager. He’s hardworking, motivated, and a great addition to the JAM team!

Marc Liss Vice President of Special Projects
What was your first job?

Dishwasher at IHOP (12th grade)

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I watch sports & play Scrabble

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

The newlywed’s first dance

What’s your favorite food?
Shrimp cocktail 
Jeffrey Miller CEO & Founder
 My most memorable meal, and the meal that really motivated me to become a chef, was a dinner I had with my then college girlfriend, and now wife, attorney Laurie Magid.  We were all of 19, and went to dinner at Lutece- then the finest restaurant in Manhattan.  We started with a slice of foie gras terrine in a window of toasted brioche. Next came sea scallops and roe seared in a veal demi-glace. The entree was perfect rack of lamb with a lamb Bordelaise. We finished with strawberries and orange segments napped with a sabayon sauce broiled just to brown the surface.  Very simple dishes, but each one was perfectly executed with the best ingredients.  Andre Soltner became my hero and his food, my permanent inspiration.
Shelley Nohowel Director of Planning
What was your most memorable meal?
It was in 1988 in Paris at a family-owned restaurant named Pile ou Face (heads or tails). Everything on the menu was from the family farm: beef, fish, vegetables — you name it! It was the freshest meal I’ve ever tasted and a farm-to-table experience way ahead of its time.
Mona Pascal Office Manager
I’ve been working with Jeffrey A. Miller since 2008 and it’s by far my favorite of all the places I’ve ever worked. I love what I do and I love the people I work with!
If you were a food, what would you be?
Lobster macaroni and cheese. Because JAM makes the best lobster macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had. 
At what event did you earn your Jeffrey A. Miller chops?
My very first Jeffrey Miller event was at the Community Arts Center in the middle of a hurricane. Half the servers were calling out because their moms wouldn’t let them work and after the event I drove home in the middle of the road the entire way because there were no other cars on the road.
Who cooks for you and what do you like best?

I cook for myself, if heating up a Stouffer’s counts as cooking.

Donna Robb Production Manager

If you were a food what would you be?

Donna’s kids answered for her! “You would be either gnocchi because it grounds you in family and comfort or pasta Bolognese as it is a complex sauce open to the interpretation of the preparer or chef and it takes only a handful of ingredients to meld artistry, flavor and comfort into a meal so many can enjoy. You are not tofu.”

Laura Shoup Marketing Director
Venue Manager and Event Designer
What is your greatest non-work-related accomplishment?
My greatest accomplishments are my children, Gabe, 20, and Bo, 17, but also -my first hike with my family to the top of a 46er (46 peaks higher than 4,000 ft elevation in the Adirondacks).  Five hours up and seeing my kids’ faces full of accomplishment when they made it to the top.  Looking out to the world from up there is a feeling like no other- we now have a family goal to finish all 46.


Toni Vitello General Manager/Partner
If you were a food, what would you be?

A beautiful, ripe, red tomato. Because it has so much flavor and goes great over pasta or in a salad when it’s ripe.

At what event did you earn your Jeffrey A. Miller chops?

I love events where the couple ask for things that are not really common and we are able to accommodate them. There was one event where the bride was Italian and she really wanted a specific Italian dessert that comes from a region of southern Italy where her family was originally from. She just happened to tell me the name of the region and it was two towns over from where my sister lives in Italy. So my sister called this restaurant in Martina Franca where they make this dessert and they gave her the recipe and she sent it to me. The bride was so happy that she was able to have this dessert on her wedding day!

Dessa Wideman Kitchen Administrator

Dessa is the one responsible for most of the text you see here on our site! When she’s not interviewing chefs and finding new and exciting ways to write about delicious food, she can be found helping out with other JAM projects such as building farm tables and foraging for edible plants. 

Aaron Wolf Recruiting Manager

Favorite Quote: “If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes”

When I’m not working for JAM, I enjoy hanging out with friends or playing drums with my band. If I were food, I would be pizza because who doesn’t like pizza!

My favorite part of a wedding is the post dessert dancing. Bonus points if someone starts break dancing or does the worm!